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I. Purpose of the site

The BIPT website offers all available information on the services provided and the policies pursued by the different departments of the Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications.

The information featuring on this site is correct but of a general nature. As a result, this information is not necessarily adapted to personal or specific circumstances and should therefore not be considered as personal, professional or legal advice.

It is also worth noting that the information and documents that are available on or through the Institute’s website should not be considered as authentic reproductions of texts that have been officially adopted. Only the official texts published in the Moniteur Belge may be considered as authentic. Whenever discrepancies occur between the electronic version and the printed text, the official printed text published in the Moniteur Belge takes priority.

II. Content and availability of the website

BIPT keeps its website up to date to ensure that the available information is complete, correct, exhaustive and updated. If despite these efforts errors do occur in the content provided, the Institute will do its utmost to correct these as quickly as possible.

BIPT tries to avoid interruptions due to technical problems as much as possible. However, the Institute cannot guarantee that its website will be completely exempt from interruptions or will not be affected by other problems of a technical nature.

The BIPT website and the websites to which the Institute's site refers may include links to other websites of authorities, bodies and organisations over which BIPT has no control, either technical or regarding content. Therefore, the Institute cannot offer any guarantee as to the exhaustive or correct nature of their content any more than on the availability of these websites. BIPT disclaims all responsibility for direct or indirect damage arising from visiting or using the websites or the information provided on the websites that the Institute’s website refers to.

III. Copyrights

Unless stated otherwise, the information found on the website is exempt from copyright. The information may be used free of charge, provided the source is mentioned and the use is strictly personal. When prior authorisation is required for the use or reproduction of certain information, the limits to that use are expressly stated. The use and reproduction of multimedia content (including, inter alia, images, sounds and software applications) are always subject to prior approval.

BIPT reserves all intellectual property rights on the website. When content that can be consulted on or through the BIPT website is supplied by third parties and is copyright-protected, this restricts the possibilities for use and reproduction, which is then subject to prior authorisation from the respective author(s).

IV. Protection of privacy

# Your personal data

The personal data that are provided when subscribing to our newsletter or to an RSS feed or when requesting information are solely used for dealing with this request and providing the best possible service. They are not used for recognising you when you visit our website. Moreover, these data are solely used by BIPT and are neither forwarded nor sold to third parties.

# Cookies

Our site uses cookies. Cookies are small text files with a limited life span, which are recorded by the web browser onto your disk when you visit a website; they are notably used to register information on visitors or their browsing paths through the website. Our cookie contains no information for personal identification. It merely records the language of your choice, so that you do not have to make that choice whenever you visit the website. No data are recorded regarding your browsing habits on our website.

# Protection of customer data

We have taken the necessary precautions to prevent the loss, abuse or alteration of personal data.

# Changing your personal data

Upon request, we grant our visitors access to the information that we hold on them. You can change these data at any time. If you wish to consult your personal data, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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